Caring For Cubic Zirconia Jewelry


Because cubic zirconia jewelry is designed to imitate the perfect diamond, its most important characteristic is the sparkle. If you want to keep your cubic zirconia rings, pendants, earrings and other jewelry flawless, learning how to properly care for them will go a long way in helping your jewelry to shine as brightly as the smile of those who see it.

In order to protect the brilliance of your cubic zirconia rings, remove them prior to washing your hands, applying makeup or hand lotion, washing dishes or other similar activities that may result in a cloudy film coming into contact with the cubic zirconia. In fact, jewelry should be the last accessory that you put on before walking out the door.


If you own sterling silver cubic zirconia wedding rings, perhaps you never take them off except for regular cleaning. If that’s the case, a polishing cloth or mild jewelry cleaner should be used to maintain both the silver’s brightness and that of the cubic zirconia. If you need a homemade solution, try warm water and dishwashing liquid in a cup. You can dip your cubic zirconia jewelry into the water and gently polish it using a towel or other soft material.


When cleaning your jewelry, especially cubic zirconia rings, take extra care to use a soft object for polishing to prevent scratching. If you are a wearer of cubic zirconia wedding rings, it’s especially important to remove your rings for frequent cleaning as constant wear can result in everyday particles and grime finding their way into every crevice of the ring’s design and will create a buildup that’s difficult to remove.


If you feel that your cubic zirconia jewelry, including cubic zirconia wedding rings and other designs, is in need of a professional cleaning, consult with a local jeweler.

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